General Terms and Conditions

Workplace Membership Agreement and Terms of Use

Lodgic Workplace offers flexible, professional open workspaces and dedicated offices to individuals and teams. Enjoy best-in-class business support services, an active calendar of professional and social events, an instant peer network, and all the perks of your favorite coffeehouse in one creative, productivity-enhancing environment. Amenities available: community, high-speed internet, A/V-equipped conference rooms, mail service, professional and social events, direct-to-desk food and beverage, bike storage, showers and lockers, printing, and call booths.

Payment Terms Memberships may begin at any time. Memberships recur monthly and will be automatically invoiced and paid using the credit/debit card on the member account. Members agree to maintain their credit/debit cards in active good standing as part of their online account. All membership types will renew on the member’s monthly anniversary date or on the first of the month, with the first month of membership being prorated. Members must give 30 days advance notice of cancellation; cancellation means that the automatic billing and payment will stop on their next monthly billing date after 30 days. Because there are no prorated refunds at cancellation, membership will remain valid until the next monthly anniversary date. Nonpayment will immediately cancel the membership. Security Deposits: There are no security deposits required.

Terms of Use Acceptance of Terms: The following terms apply to all Members, Guests, and Visitors. Lodgic Workplace will inform members of any changes in the Terms of Use within 30 days. Description of Services: Lodgic Workplace services include workspaces, meeting spaces, internet access, mailboxes, lockers, and print/copy services. Agreement Type: This membership constitutes a usage license, not a lease. The license is nontransferable, revocable, and for nonexclusive use. Office Members, however, do have exclusive use of their respective offices.

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use: By entering into this agreement, members acknowledge that members will abide by all laws with respect to private property (of Lodgic Workplace and of other members), private services, networks, others’ accounts, and passwords.

Use of Services: By signing this agreement, members agree to NOT: Engage in spammy or pyramid-like schemes. Defame others. Publish, download, or promote offensive or illegal materials. View pornography at Lodgic. Intentionally download viruses or malware. Prevent others from using services with Lodgic Workplace. Collect and distribute private information about others. Engage in aggressive solicitation

Member Information: Lodgic Workplace reserves the right to share member information as required by law enforcement. Member Age: Lodgic Workplace Members must be 18 years or older. Student Memberships: For student memberships, members should be able to produce a valid student ID upon request. Confidentiality: Do not disclose the private information of other members or Lodgic Workplace employees. Access and Privacy: Lodgic Workplace reserves the right to open locked Dedicated Offices, Lockers, and Mailboxes for daily cleaning, maintenance, repair, or other inspections. As-is Facility: The workspaces and related services are presented as is. Exclusion of Damages: Lodgic Workplace and its related companies will not be held liable for damages incurred in the facility, including physical injuries, injury to property including damages to computers, theft of property, loss of profits, stolen information, or trade secrets. Walls and Surfaces: All members — particularly Office Members — may not use nails, screws, or other adhesives that put holes in or mar the drywall walls or any other surfaces. Remedies: Remedies are limited to reasonable, actual damages. Termination: Lodgic Workplace reserves the right to terminate any service (memberships) at any time. Accountability: Members agree to indemnify Lodgic Workplace in the event of costs, losses, or damages incurred by your behavior. Furthermore, members are responsible for the behavior of, or damage caused by, members’ Visitors or Guests. Parts and Wholes: If one part of this Terms of Use is determined to be nonbinding, the remainder of the agreement remains intact. Insurance: Lodgic Workplace carries Liability and Business Personal Property insurance, but does not carry insurance that covers members, members’ businesses, or members’ property. Members should carry their own business and/or renter’s insurance. Behavior: Offensive, harassing, or abusive behavior and/or language will not be tolerated. These or other aggressive, destructive, or illegal behaviors (at the discretion of Lodgic Workplace), are grounds for membership termination and removal.

Community Agreement

  1. I agree to actively maintain and contribute to a safe, positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment, and to be as considerate as possible to others’ experiences.

  2. I agree to respect and actively listen to others, openly and honestly engage with everyone here, and consider views that are different from mine, even if it is difficult to do so. I will not prosthelytize my views through words or actions but will engage in an authentic exchange with everyone.

  3. When I disagree with a person, idea, or action, I will respectfully do so. Disagreements will be approached with the appropriate people in the proper time and place. I agree to be solution-focused.

  4. I agree that equity pertains to all people with NO exceptions. I will respect and welcome everyone.

Lodgic’s community is committed to using fairness, transparency, respect, and flexibility to guide our operations. Everyone needs to feel welcome, comfortable, and empowered.

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