This week we are thrilled to present Brady Adams for our Member Spotlight! Brady has been with us since October. Personal connection is important to the company Brady works for and we are happy our Workplace culture helps meet that need.

Q: What does the business you work for do?
A: Cybernautic builds custom websites and helps with digital marketing as well. We save people from unreliable web hosting and shoddy web design. We have a full support team and host websites on our own CMS. My role is basically an account manager on our web marketing team. (

Q: Why do you like them and what sets them apart from the rest?
A: I really value the mentorship I have received and the compassion ingrained in our company’s purpose. Our company history is all about servant leadership. The CEO and founder runs a ministry for children in Nairobi, Kenya, and it says a lot about who he is and what he values for his company. We’ve grown as a company in our 20 years, but the heart of our business is helping small businesses, local businesses, and area non-profits succeed. We want these people to achieve and we offer services to help them do so.

Q: What’s the ice breaker story you’d tell to a new crowd?
A: I performed with the Gamma Phi Circus during my freshman year of college and it was an incredible experience. We passed torches and knives in our act. Back then I was working on juggling seven objects!

Q: What do you think is an under appreciated invention?
A: My favorite inventions mostly center around food. One that is definitely under appreciated is this $10 vegetable “spiralizer." We can cook zucchini noodles and have dinner ready in like 10 minutes. It’s incredible.

Q: Why do you choose Lodgic instead of working from home?
A: Our company recognizes that people do their best work when they collaborate and feel like they are part of a bigger cause day in and day out. I have a coworker Hayley that also works here.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Lodgic?
A: I can sit in the cafe area to get that coffee shop buzz, I can trap myself in a phone booth with no distractions, or I can stand at a countertop to keep my energy up. My membership includes an additional membership which my wife (who's in grad school) takes advantage of. I feel like Lodgic values some of the same things my company does - human connection & genuine care to give people the space they need.

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