Welcome to the member spotlight! This week, we're featuring the founder of Pursuit Fitness, Garrett Arndt. Garrett's gym is located here in our very own building.

Q: What is your business and what makes it unique?
A: Pursuit Fitness is a gym that specializes in personal training, but also offers fitness memberships, a recovery room, and Muscle Activation Techniques™. The Fitness membership is limited so that the gym will always have a personal and intimate feeling with no crowds or waiting for equipment. Each Pursuit Trainer is required to go through constant in-house education, obtain the top certifications in the field, and attend educational seminars/labs throughout the year. We do all this so that we can be as client-driven as possible. Each person is unique and will react to exercise and nutrition differently. (https://hubs.ly/H0hK9r10)

Q: Why do you do what you do?
A: I enjoy the people. Whether I am a small or large part of it, it's rewarding to be able to help them accomplish their goals. From working with high end athletes to individuals recovering from life altering injuries or events, I've always loved being a part of their journey of becoming a better version of themselves.

And of course, when you are in the people business the side benefit is the relationships that you form with those people. I have been a professional in this field since 2000. I have clients that have been with me for 16 years and even people who I no longer train will stop in to say hi and catch up.

Q: Favorite food?
A: It’s a tie! Pizza and Chinese food. Yeah, I know, I am supposed to say Salmon and broccoli. I eat and enjoy those too, but we are talking favorite foods here. Moderation is key and you have to live in a reality where you will eat something you enjoy from time to time. I truly believe the person who successfully fuses pizza and Chinese food together will rule this world!

Q: How has Lodgic helped you with your goals?
A: I had an amazing opportunity to be a part of Lodgic from the very beginning. My original gym was located in this building when Lodgic decided this would be their flagship location. While hard work always pays off, luck has a way of helping too! Lodgic has been, and will continue to be a great partner to work with. We are only getting started and I am excited as both of us grow!

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