This week we are happy to introduce David Michael Moore for our Member Spotlight! Read on to learn about David's unique approach to graphic design. If you are interested in learning more about his work, contact him at

Q: What is your business and how long have you been doing it?
A: I’ve been involved with graphic design my entire professional life, then six years ago began graphic facilitation--live, visual note taking at meetings where I illustrate feedback on 8' x 4' banners. I have been working for myself full-time since February 2012.

Q: What makes your work style unique?
A: Maybe you've seen a whiteboard video, with doodles being drawn, sped-up and timed to a speaker's presentation--if not, Google "RSA Animate" right now! That was my inspiration to start graphic recording, and the banners I create with in this line of work are quite unique to the area. I work in real-time to capture discussion visually, so I've had to practice a lot to be fast and accurate. I lead these meetings and energize conversation in all sorts of business settings! Graphic facilitation is a creative way for a team to tackle big tasks, such as strategic planning or visioning, and the visual presentation heightens engagement, encourages participation, and helps connect ideas to implement a vision.

Q: What other projects have you done outside of work?
A: I've served on the CUDO Board and volunteered on the PechaKucha Night committee through 15 volumes. I've also performed improv comedy locally for a few years, and really enjoy playing board games. I created a board game called The Blob Attacks! during the first season of CUDO Plays. I love to stay connected to that community of makers, playtesting original games here in Champaign-Urbana.

Q: What made you gravitate towards Lodgic?
A: Initially I was impressed at the large open layout with its mix of professional business spaces and comfortable nooks. All of the amenities on-site are perfect for a solo business owner like myself. It was important to see Lodgic as a place that welcomed creativity and expression, someplace that would be a good fit to showcase the work I do too.

Q: What else do you utilize at Lodgic other than Workplace?
A: My wife and I just started taking our one-year old son to Kid’s Camp. We also use Family Workplace as a go-to place where he can walk around and play, while we get some work done. I am always taking advantage of the complimentary coffee to fuel my work day.

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